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August 1999


Pennsic XXVIII

What is Pennsic? It is like make-believe... there are Kings and Queens, knights in shining armor, pretty ladies. People from all over the country go to Pennsylvania for 2 weeks to camp and live like it was a long time ago. Mommy said it is what's called a reinactment and that the people are in a playgroup called SCA. We stayed at a cottage nearby. I saw Daddy put on armor and fight in big battles. And I got to meet the Baronness who liked to hold me and make me laugh.  A lot of people said I was cute in my little tunics. Click here if you want to know more about Pennsic or the SCA.

theboys.jpg (30322 bytes)Mommy made our garb for us.

bandana.jpg (21272 bytes)

It was tiring being so cute.


kniggits.jpg (26650 bytes)

This is only some of the fighters who wear armor and fight in battles. My Daddy is out there! He is my hero.

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