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New Baby Pics

onblnkt.jpg (23046 bytes)Here are some pictures that Mommy and Daddy have taken. Seems like they always have that camera flashing at me!I love Winnie The Pooh. See him on my onesie? Here I am lying on my beautiful quilt. johnp.jpg (19320 bytes)This is my Uncle John LeBlanc. He is my Mommy's brother. I have two uncles named John LeBlanc, so I call him Uncle John P. He loves to hold me. I am not sure why he is putting his finger in my ear, but it's ok with me. I love him a lot.
dollie.jpg (22842 bytes)This is Mémère Dollie. She lives in Phoenix. She came to visit for a week. In this picture I am 17 days old. Isn't she pretty? duhams.jpg (19605 bytes)This is Mémère Cook and Grand-Mémère Duhamel. They love to fuss over me.

amy.jpg (26842 bytes)

This is Aunt Amy. She gives the best hugs!

grndpa.jpg (17457 bytes)Here I am sitting on Grandpa! He loves it when I visit. He scoops me right up in his arms. He can make funny sounds and I laugh!
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